Physique 57, the Award-Winning Fitness Studio from NYC, Brings Pop-Up Classes to Project Hamptons

Many of my NYC colleagues and friends are heading to the Hamptons for the summer. Some have family homes, others have a share in a summer rental.

With so many of us working remotely, it is not just a 2 — week vacation deal, but the opportunity to work from in the Hamptons for the entire summer! That also means that you will not be heading to your local NYC gyms or fitness studios.

Physique 57, the NYC- based award-winning fitness studios are thrilled to introduce pop-up classes as a part of Project Hamptons. This innovative initiative will feature a brand-new retail and entertainment destination that aims to bring an exceptional blend of luxury shopping and curated lifestyle experiences to The Hamptons during the upcoming summer season.

Physique 57 was born from Jennifer Maanavi and Tanya Becker’s shared love of the original barre class. With a deep understanding of how barre workouts can strengthen and sculpt bodies with incredibly fast results, they designed their signature 57-minute workout.

The Fit Guide recently honored Physique 57 as the recipient of their 5 Star Award. Recognized as a prominent fitness studio in New York City.

The Physique 57 workout method is a next-level barre experience, incorporating rigorous interval training and creative choreography. Dynamic, world-class trainers deliver this heart-pumping, body-sculpting program, proven to supercharge.

Physique 57 launched in Bridgehampton in 2006 and quickly established a dedicated clientele.

“We are thrilled to return to Bridgehampton where we had a thriving business before the pandemic. We had fun and sweaty summers together for almost 15 years! Clients are demanding our return so we found a newly renovated, centrally located spot for key weekends,” Jennifer Maanavi.

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