Let’s Reduce The Grocery Store Bill

Grow your own Veggies and Fruits in your backyard!

We are all tired of the rising prices at the grocery store. Each week it seems to get worse and worse. I recently saw a YouTube video that compared fruit and veggies the content creator grew in his backyard. He harvested a basket of his crops and then compared side by side the exact same produce from the grocery store. It was astounding, almost $100.00 at the grocery store.

I spent the weekend researching and speaking to an expert at a local garden store. The information was invaluable. I have already planned to utilize my parent's backyard ( since I live in an apt) and plant the crops in the spring. There are upfront costs, but you will make those back with fresh fruit and veggies that you can grow all season long. Plus, I know what will be on the crops. No pesticides.

Let’s go!

Here is what I learned from Madison at my local farm/ garden store.

Growing vegetables and fruits in your backyard can be a fun and rewarding experience. But, there are some important things to consider before starting your garden:

Selecting a location with ample sunlight

Preparing the soil

Choosing the right plants for your climate

Providing proper irrigation and pest management

It’s also a good idea to start small and expand as you gain experience. Once your garden is established, regular maintenance such as weeding, fertilizing, and pruning will be necessary to ensure a bountiful harvest!

I asked Madison, what are the best crops to grow in your backyard?

She stated, the best crops to grow in your backyard will depend on factors such as your climate

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