How Much Do YouTubers Earn?


We all dream of making passive income from home. No more rat race, no more cubicles, no more getting paid hourly, or never seeing your income rise while working for someone else. But no responsible adult can just quit their job and hope something in eCommerce or YouTube will replace their income, retirement and health benefits.

But, if done strategically and with thoughtful planning, you can start to moonlight evenings and weekends and test a side hustle. There are many options for passive income: Dropshipping, Print on Demand, Blogging, and Affiliate Programs as well as hosting a YouTube Channel.

I will be launching a series on each of these opportunities since so many in the country were either laid off from their jobs with the pandemic or their careers need to take a new direction for 2021.

Today, I wanted to delve into what the top YouTubers earn. Who would have imagined less than 20 years ago that someone placing content on a video channel would garner as much or more wealth than CEO’s of major corporations, Sports, and Film stars? With YouTube, you just create your niche and start filming. Granted, there are many channels that earn little income, but there are those infamous ‘top earners’ that blow most incomes out of the water. These top YouTubers not only created their channel that attracts subscribers and massive views, but many have worked as hard as any actor on a TV show, creating content each and every day. Not always an easy feat to accomplish.

How do you score revenue on YouTube?

The ads placed on your channel is CPM- cost per 1000 views. This would mean that the viewer has to stay throughout your entire video before you make money.
Advertiser rates can range from a modest $1.00 to $10.00 per 1000 views. The average payout tends to be $2.00 to $5.00 per complete view for most YouTube channels.

Many successful YouTubers also offer “sponsored’ videos and are paid to promote products and services.

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