Embrace Southern Charm: Top Things to Do in Charleston, SC, This Spring

A few friends and I are planning an April excursion to Charleston, SC. I conducted a deep dive into the city to plan the trip and share it here for my readers!

In spring, the vibrant hues of spring paint this picturesque cityscape of Charleston. So, there is no better time to explore the historic charm and Southern hospitality that this city is renowned for. (summer, the weather can be very hot). But in early spring, from blooming gardens to historic landmarks, Charleston beckons visitors with a delightful array of activities.

Ravenel Bridge

Here’s my curated list of top things to do if you visit Charleston this spring.

Stroll through Historic Downtown:

Charleston’s Historic Downtown is a treasure trove of cobblestone streets, pastel-hued antebellum architecture, and charming boutiques. Take a stroll along Rainbow Row, the iconic row of 13 colorful historic houses on East Bay Street, and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history.



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