Coming Soon…‘The Confession of John Wilkes Booth’ -Starring John Ramaine

John Ramaine as John Wilkes Booth

I have had the pleasure of interviewing the talented John Ramaine, Actor, Writer, and Director in the past.

I recently learned about his upcoming project, “The Confession of John Wilkes Booth.” It was written and is starring John Ramaine. As a history buff, I was eager to learn more about his upcoming film. With the actors, producers, and crew involved, it will be a hit!

Thanks to John for taking the time to answer some questions about the film to share with my readers.

Q: Who directed “The Confession of John Wilkes Booth”?

A: There were actually two who directed the production. Initially, Josh Koehn, of Stag and Lion, directed the theatrical staging, which allowed the actors to find their grounding, as well as rehearse the role for which they were cast. After working with the actors, a couple of times, Chelsea LeSage of Golden Grand Piano, would then direct the actors, using Josh’s established blocking, in fine-tuning it for the camera, which was operated by Dan Guindon, also of Golden Grand Piano.



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