Chris Heller- Former CEO Keller Williams Intl. Authors Best Seller- Dominant Thoughts- Things Grow Where Our Minds Go

Chris Heller, the former CEO of Keller Williams Int’l recently published his first book, Dominant Thoughts. I wrote about the book when it was first released. Since its launch, the book has become a Best Seller and the reviews are five stars.

The book was co-authored by Dr. Greg Reid, a renowned speaker, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and bestselling author.

The co-authors share their principles and practices for creating success in sales, leadership, and relationships such as:

Eliminate the option called failure.

Negative thinking is always more powerful than positive
thinking; we have to eliminate it.

Discipline is critical for having and maintaining a strong

A major portion of our success is based upon these three words
… attitude, approach, and expectations.

To create a stronger mindset, spend less time comparing
yourself to others and more time trying to attain what is in your
business plan.

Be the best you can be — If I am going to do it, I’m going to give
it my all — anything short of that never feels good.

Mindset constitutes 90 percent of what it takes to be successful. A strong mindset keeps you on track when fear, insecurities, and worries threaten or cloud your judgment. A weak or negative mindset will never produce positive results. What you focus on expands. Focus on the good, and better will come,” Heller stated.

Dominant Thoughts:

· Show up

· Don’t Worry What Others Think

· The Mindset of Success

· Under Promise and Over Deliver

· Discipline

Chris Heller

I asked Chris to share a few thoughts about the…

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