An Interview with Chelsea LeSage

Actress, Model, Director, Producer, and Composer


I recently had the distinct pleasure to interview the very talented and beautiful Chelsea LeSage.

Chelsea moved from Pittsfield, MA to New York City at the of 18 and has been modeling and acting on the stage and screen since. She is a co-founder of both Golden Grand Piano and CL Squared Productions and the star of 21st-Century Demon Hunter on Amazon Prime.

Her other television credits include Wink, The Proxy Cure, The Following, The Egos, TV Land Live, Swipe. Aside from the upcoming The Confession of John Wilkes Booth, her film credits include the upcoming Macbeth: A Cursed Film, Bishop’s Cove, The Sisters Kardos, Love, and Love Not, The Rest, Nick and Nicky, Sometimes Why, Zombie With A Shotgun, Laid, and the award-winning Theresa and Allison.

Chelsea shared with me that ten years ago she auditioned for Joshua Koehn of Stag and Lion for a production of Twelfth Night and she went on to play Olivia opposite his Malvolio.

I returned in 2017 to play Lady Macbeth to his Macbeth. In 2019 he asked me to return to Stag and Lion in the company’s new space of the Trinity Theatre and offered me the role of Queen Elizabeth in Richard III. After that, he directed a fun production of The Merry Wives of Windsor where he played Falstaff and I played Mistress Ford opposite Sarah Villegas’ Mistress Page,” stated Chelsea.

Early in 2020, Josh Koehn had the idea to do a punching Judy type thing with all-male and all-female casts of The Taming of the Shrew. Sadly, when Covid-19 hit and they were forced to shut down a week before opening night.

The Fall 2020 show was going to be a revival of the 2017 Macbeth with some recasting but sadly that could not happen given the circumstances of the world. Chelsea had the idea to put it on film. Her partner and co-founder of Golden Grand Piano Productions Dan Guindon took on what is now Macbeth: A Cursed Film. Josh and Chelsea directed the show all shot at the theatre and Dan was the Director of Photography and the Editor.



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