An Insightful Interview with Rae Ceretto and Kelly Scott on Their Impactful Documentary “SEEKING ASYLUM”

It was my honor to have the opportunity to speak with documentary filmmakers Rae Ceretto and Kelly Scott about their documentary, Seeking Asylum.

Amidst one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of the United States, Rae Ceretto and Kelly Scott documents a woman’s quest to secure safety for herself and her children. “Seeking Asylum” serves as a testimony to the ceaseless struggle.

Rae Ceretto

Seeking Asylum” follows the Gallardo family’s journey as they flee Honduras due to threats from a jailed drug trafficker who plans to burn down their house while they sleep. The film explores the struggles and obstacles migrants encounter when seeking asylum in the United States. Despite a system that appears to be designed to fail, the documentary chronicles one woman’s pursuit of protection for herself and her family.

The migration journey to the United States is often viewed as the ultimate goal, but the film demonstrates that asylum seekers face ongoing challenges once they arrive. Seeking Asylum showcases the struggles faced by asylum seekers against the backdrop of America’s uncertain times, emphasizing the vital role of asylum in the American Dream. Their documentary aims to raise awareness about the refugee crises happening globally and the difficulties of seeking asylum. Additionally, the United States’ policies in Central America have created a power vacuum that has enabled gangs to violently control regions across multiple countries along the Central American land bridge. Ignoring these issues is not an option.

Q: When did you conceive the idea for your Documentary Seeking Asylum?

Rae: In 2018, I was working with nonprofit organizations at the migrant shelters in Tijuana. This was during a time when the narrative surrounding immigration was becoming increasingly heated. Children were being thrown in cages, border patrol was tear- gassing asylum seekers at the Tijuana border, and the rhetoric towards the asylum seekers used words like “rapists and murderers”.

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