A. Joseph Layon, MD Announces the Release of His Book: A Peoples Guide to End of Life

A People’s Guide to End of Life was written to assist the family of the dying loved one or, perhaps, the dying person themselves, as they attempt to navigate our byzantine, inefficient, and, too often, inhumane health system.

This book is about death: How we approach it, how families, and those breathing their last, might deal with it. While the author has been surrounded by death for decades — in the Operating Rooms, the Intensive Care Unit, the Burn Unit, in the US, Latin America, and Africa — putting these words to “paper” was the result of the impending death of a friend and colleague, a Professor of Political Science and a fighter for social and economic justice.

The book focuses on the realities of dying. It provides clear understanding and realistic expectations to those confronting death and immersed in a bewildering healthcare system who feel confused and misled.

“A PEOPLE’S GUIDE TO THE END OF LIFE focuses on the realities of dying. It provides a clear understanding and realistic expectations to those confronting death. A must-read for caregivers, healthcare professionals, and families,” P.B. Langevin MD

Included in the book is a distillation of experience in clinical care, research, and education over 40 years of medical practice in intensive care units of large academic health centers as well as in areas of our world with resource limitations. From ‘what to expect from your physicians and nurses to navigating difficult family dynamics, and with real-world example cases — cases that went right and those that went wrong — this book may assist you in some of the most challenging times of your life.


“Dr. Layon’s book was a helpful and comforting resource when our family member was sent to hospice.” T.C. Philadelphia

About Dr. A. Joseph Layon

A. Joseph Layon, MD is an intensive care physician. Trained at Grossmont College, the University of California, San Diego and UC, Davis, and specializing in internal medicine, anesthesiology, critical care and neurocritical care, he has functioned as a clinician, educator, investigator, division and department chair, Faculty Senate Chairman, Medical School Financial “fixer”, internationalist and — in what was the most difficult and painful task of all of these — as an (inadvertent) whistleblower in a compromised health system.

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